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With the new 2017 Hyundai Equus Genesis G90 in Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Davenport IA, you get fluid power and impeccable control, eight times over. The vehicle's excellent-in all conditions automatic transmission was designed with precise gear ratios and lightweight elements to make it extremely sensitive on all accounts of the power band. With its eight speeds, the car delivers you smooth acceleration and improved ride quality.  In a class of substantial automobiles, the new sedan stands above them all with its stylish LED turn-signal indicators encase the front High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights with shines much brighter than the regular bulbs to ensure that you get into the dark with confidence because they shine your every path.  The Dynamic Bending Light feature turns with the car's steering angle so that upcoming curves and intersections receive illumination on your approach. The vehicle's sophisticated auto-leveling headlights help keep light side by side to the road surface neglectful of vehicle load. The result is that you get to enjoy light coverage at all times.

The interior of the new 2017 Hyundai Equus Genesis G90 in Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Davenport IA sports quality at every encounter with switches which engage with authority. The materials are superbly done, while every stitch, every tolerance is executed in unblemished alignment. The vehicle's interior is an environment ruled by a healthy obsession to detail and orchestrated for your satisfaction.  The new beamer comes equipped with a driver seat that does it all. The vehicle's twelve-way power adjustable driver seat is heated and cooled as it employs thermoelectric technology that controls the heating, cooling and humidity of the seat surface in order to provide you with optimal comfort. From the seat height and rake through the seatback recline and seat cushion, the vehicle's adjustments are easily controlled from the upper door panel that makes memorable the preferences of multiple drivers.  The new power tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel which comes with Integrated Memory System, recalls each nuance of you and another driver's choices. Trimmed in premium wood, the vehicle's leather-wrapped steering wheel is heated for those chilly mornings, plus, the entire steering column automatically goes in and out, which makes getting in and out of the driver seat even easier for you.  Another interior feature that may blow you away is the Driver Information and Navigation System. The large 9.2-inch, easy-to-read screen is intuitive for fundamental driving functions, quick data recognition as well as driver control. This feature makes navigation is a snap with full map capabilities as well as a simple and comprehensive interface. The fulfilling screen also displays a 360-degree view around the car through the Multi-View Camera System.

This new vehicle is definitely one vision that stirs the senses. The new 2017 Hyundai Equus Genesis G90 in Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Davenport IA enviable sets a new design standard for an entire line of vehicles, beginning with its distinctive front grille with deliberate lines which from the hood and along the body to show off the vehicle's staggered-width 19-inch multi-spoke wheels. The HID headlights incorporated with LED turn-signal indicators, and sculpted front LED fog lights in addition to the distinctive air intake further sets it apart in a field of conventional rivals.  Seeing its multi-spoke alloy wheels, you will agree that the car has been engineered from the ground up. The vehicle's multi-spoke alloy wheels amidst the alluring tires not only give this beamer a formidable look, it also ensures superior handling for you.  To provide you with added visibility, safety and security, this amazing car comes with a Multi-View Camera System which features four cameras that provide you a 360-degree view around the vehicle. At the beginning, the system offers you an aerial view, while the front, rear and side camera views can as well be selected. All views are shown on the central in-dash navigating screen at moderate parking speeds, whilst at higher speeds the view switches to navigation mode.

The new 2017 Hyundai Equus Genesis G90 in Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Davenport IA is a performance vehicle wrapped in luxury. The vehicle is powered by an impressive 429-horsepower V8 engine. The high-pressure die-cast engine block is made of entirely aluminum. While the Tuned Intake System feature helps your vehicle to maximize power, the Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing, helps it improve both low-end force and high-end horsepower. The vehicle's efficiency is highlighted by its 15 city/ 23 highway mpg.  Other features like the timing chain drive system, iridium double-tipped spark plugs and serpentine belt help make this power-packed vehicle even more efficient and peerless.  its advanced 8-speed automatic transmission delivers you smooth power in an instant or efficient interstate touring as you demand, while a well-balanced, rear-wheel-drive layout gives the vehicle the foundation to perform less like a traditional luxury car, makes it more like a high-performance sports sedan.  This is because the very nature of Rear Wheel Drive moves it closer to a more fitting 50/50 front-to-back weight apportionment. What this implies is that the engine, transmission, driveshaft as well as the rear differential provide you a better dynamic balance. The larger back tires and suspension handle their fair share of the workload and in turn offer you a smoother as well as a more stable ride with enhanced handling and traction.

The brand new 2017 Hyundai Equus Genesis G90 in Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Davenport IA comes in 2 trims and each trim has an AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) and RWD (Rear-Wheel-Drive) Version as depicted in the image. Depending on your wants, needs, and desires in your vehicle, one of those 4 will be perfect for you. Weather you choose the RWD Premium or the AWD Ultimate, you will be getting a very elegant and luxurious vehicle; there really is no wrong choice here. Simply take a look at the differences and decide for yourself which one best suits you!

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